Welcome to The First Seafood Bistro in Amsterdam

Made with love, passion and respect!

After the success of our Mr. Crab Restaurant, we opened the first Seafood Bistro in the centre of Amsterdam!
At the Mr. Crab Bistro you can indulge in delicious seafood bites and snacks, along with world class cocktails from our extensive cocktail menu.

Bistro story

Continuing the success of Mr. Crab’s seafood restaurant, we are opening the first ever seafood bistro in the heart of Amsterdam. The seafood bistro will introduce a whole new concept, incorporating some of Mr. Crab’s signature dishes.

We flew in two well known British mixologists, who put their skills to test by creating a custom cocktail menu for our bistro. All seafood dishes served in the bistro are perfect to pair with your favorite cocktail. Ranging from a fruit de mer bar to smaller seafood bites and snacks, perfect for sharing.

By picking the best catch of the day, every day, we assure you the best quality seafood bites in Amsterdam. The Mr. Crab Bistro will be your go to spot before your night out in town or recovering the day after. Care to indulge in our seafood elsewhere? Opt for our takeaway bites instead.

We will see you soon at Rembrandtplein!

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The Mr. Crab Bistro menu is created according to world class cocktails and consists of the finest and most delicious seafood bites and snacks. All our seafood is caught fresh daily and comes with the best organic vegetables and fruits. Freshness and delicious food are the center of Mr. Crab’s culinary experience at the Bistro.
Grab a few bites to share with friends or go for a bigger dish all for yourself and enjoy them over a drink at our Bistro.

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday 12:00-23:00

Mr Crab Bisto +3120 779 8264



Opening hours

Monday – Sunday 12:00-23:00

+3120 779 8264

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+3120 779 8264 Amstelstraat 7, Amsterdam 1017DA

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