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There is a new captain in town! Mr. Crab! Do you want to learn more about this mysterious captain and his mission? 

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The Mr Crab story

After many years of hard working as the captain on the crab fishing boat ‘Mr. Crab’, in the coldest and stormiest waters on earth, the captain choose to follow his true passion, cooking! 

Because the life of a (crab)fisherman is very tough and full of dangers on deck, and the fishermen always have to push themselves to the limit under extreme circumstances. They need to eat nutricious and healthy food. Our captain, Mr Crab, took this very serious when cooking for his crew. Everyday he took fresh fish or crab from the catch of the day, mixed them with the best fresh vegetables and herbs and added his passion and love to it. His crew often said they ate better on the boat than home ashore! 

This made the Captain thinking and therefore he took it upon himself, as a mission, to share his passion and love for nutricious and healthy seafood with the rest of the world ashore. He chose Amsterdam as the location for his restaurant Mr Crab to reach as many people as possible. That’s might just be the secret which makes the seafood at Mr. Crab so unique.

Mr. Crab’s menu is packed with the finest and most delicious products and ingredients. With daily a fresh “Catch” of fish supplied. We also select the best organic vegetables and fruits, which makes all our dishes and our vegetables not only very tasty but also biologically sound! Freshness and delicious food are the center of Mr. Crab’s culinary experience. We all know a fish has to swim, so take a dip in our nice selection of exclusive wines and drinks.

Curious about Mr. Crab’s catch of the day? Feel free to take a look in our menu?

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday 12:00-23:00

MR CRAB RESTAURANT +3120 891 5959



Opening hours

Monday-Sunday 12:00-23:00

+3120 891 5959

+3120 891 5959  Nieuwezijds, Voorburgwal115, Amsterdam 1012RH

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